8 Countries Apart From India Where Hindi is Taught in Schools

Nepal's Linguistic Bond

Close ties with India make Hindi a popular foreign language study in Nepalese schools.

Fiji's Diaspora Connection

Hindi is taught in Fiji to meet the linguistic needs of its significant Indian diaspora.

Suriname's Unique Dialect

Surinamese Hindi, a distinct dialect, is taught due to a large Indian-descendant population.

Mauritius: Island Heritage

Recognizing Hindi as an official language, Mauritius offers it in schools reflecting its Indian community.

Trinidad and Tobago's Rich Heritage

Hindi is taught in Trinidad and Tobago, especially in areas with a high Indian descendant concentration.

Guyana's Optional Subject

Hindi is an optional subject in some Guyanese schools, influenced by a notable Indian population.

Singapore's Growing Traction

Hindi gains momentum in Singaporean schools due to the rising Indian community and economic significance.

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