8 affordable engineering colleges in Bengaluru

BMSCE, Bengaluru

Established in early 20th century, offers various affordable B.Tech programmes.

RVCE, Bengaluru

Founded in 1963, offers B.Tech programmes fostering innovation and holistic development.

BIT, Bengaluru

Legacy since 1939, provides B.Tech programmes ensuring quality education and industry skills.

Dr Ambedkar Institute of Technology, Bengaluru

Founded in 1979, offers B.Tech programmes focusing on technical expertise and innovation.

NMIT, Bengaluru

Inception in 2001, offers B.Tech programmes fostering research, innovation, and academic rigour.

UVCE, Bengaluru

Rich history since 1917, renowned for academic excellence, offering affordable B.Tech programmes.

AIT, Bengaluru

Dedicated to quality education since 2000, empowers students with technical skills and ethical values.

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