7 Study Habits That Are Killing Your Mental Health- QUIT NOW!!

Leaving Tasks to the Last Minute

Procrastination leads to missed deadlines and strains relationships; preplan tasks for timely completion.

Chronic Lateness

Chronic lateness affects reliability and professionalism; prioritize punctuality for personal and professional growth.

Fixating on Negatives

Shift perspective from negativity to positivity for an optimistic mindset and improved circumstances.

Multitasking Misstep

Juggling tasks reduces efficiency; prioritize focus and create concise to-do lists for better organization.

Procrastination Pitfall

Overcome inertia, dive into work to achieve tangible results, and avoid excuses hindering progress.

Making Assumptions

Avoid limiting mindsets; explore opportunities, consider diverse perspectives, and take chances.

Prolonged Desk Sitting

Incorporate breaks to avoid burnout; step away, stretch, and revitalize both mind and body.

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