7 Strategies to Minimize Negative Marking

Understand the Exam Pattern

Familiarize yourself with the marking scheme. For example, NEET typically follows a -1 marking for each incorrect answer and +4 marks for correct answers.

Prioritize Accuracy over Speed

Focus on answering questions correctly rather than rushing through. Attempt fewer questions with high accuracy rather than more questions with a higher chance of errors.

Read Questions Carefully

Pay close attention to the wording of questions to avoid misinterpretations that can lead to incorrect answers.

Eliminate Wrong Options

If uncertain, eliminate obviously incorrect options to increase your chances of making an educated guess and reduce the risk of choosing the wrong answer.

Practice Regularly

Regular practice through mock tests and previous years' question papers helps understand the exam pattern, improve time management skills, and enhance accuracy.

Time Management

Allocate specific time to each section and question. Stick to the schedule to avoid rushing through the paper and making mistakes.

Avoid Guessing

If unsure about an answer, leave it blank to avoid negative marking and maintain your overall score.

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