7 Short-Term Study Courses from Data Science to Robotics for 2024

Robotics & AI Exploration at ETH Zurich

Delve into robotics and AI for 2 weeks, mastering design, programming, and machine learning.

Innovation Empowerment in Tel Aviv with Technion

Collaborate globally for 2 weeks, solving real-world challenges with design thinking.

Tech Leadership Immersion at UC Berkeley

Explore tech trends and entrepreneurship for 3 weeks with top faculty.

Global Business Insight at Copenhagen Business School

Study global marketing, finance, and management for 2 weeks.

Engineering Management Excellence at MIT

Gain holistic management skills for engineering leadership in 2 weeks.

Sustainability Expedition in Costa Rica

Study biodiversity and sustainable agriculture for 3 weeks.

Marine Conservation Voyage in Grenada

Explore marine ecology and conduct research for 3 weeks.

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