7 Free Online Courses from MIT in 2024

MIT's Diverse Academic Excellence

MIT's renowned reputation extends beyond its pioneering programs in engineering and the physical sciences. While these fields remain prominent, disciplines like economics, political science, urban studies, linguistics, and philosophy thrive within its academic landscape.

Admission Requirements for MIT

Prospective first-year and transfer students seeking admission to MIT must submit either SAT or ACT scores. MIT does not mandate the ACT writing section or the SAT optional essay. Both paper and digital SAT formats are accepted.

Supply Chain Analytics

Explore the intricacies of supply chain management through the lens of analytics. This course unravels the complexities of modern supply chains, equipping learners with the tools and techniques to navigate through chaos and achieve clarity.

Becoming an Entrepreneur

Dive into the realities of entrepreneurship and debunk common myths surrounding startup ventures. This course empowers aspiring entrepreneurs with practical knowledge and strategies to navigate the challenges of starting and scaling a business

Foundations of Modern Finance

Gain a comprehensive understanding of modern finance principles and practices. This course demystifies the inner workings of Wall Street, offering insights into key financial concepts such as portfolio management, risk assessment, and financial modeling.

Machine Learning with Python

Embark on a journey into the world of machine learning using Python as your guide. This course covers the fundamentals of machine learning algorithms, from linear models to advanced deep learning techniques.

The Secret of Life

Explore the fascinating realm of biology and unravel the secrets of life itself. This course delves into the fundamental principles of biological science, from cellular structures to evolutionary processes.

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