7 Facts About the Tundra Biome

Where the Extremes Meet

Tundra's Origins

Fact: The term "Tundra" derives from the Finnish word "Tunturi," meaning 'treeless plain.'

Permafrost Presence

Fact: Permafrost, frozen ground, is ubiquitous in the Tundra, inhibiting deep-rooted plant growth.

Diverse Wildlife

Fact: The Tundra is home to polar bears, Arctic ground squirrels, Arctic foxes, Alaskan marmots, and lemmings.

Limited Summers

Fact: The Tundra experiences just two months of summer with 24-hour sunlight, followed by a long, dark winter with only 6 hours of daylight.

Surprising Floral Diversity

Fact: Despite receiving less than 10 inches of rainfall annually, the Tundra boasts over 400 flowering plant species.

Limited Reptilian Residents

Fact: The European Viper is the sole reptile species in the Tundra due to its harsh climate.

Unique Fish Adaptations

Fact: Fish in the Tundra, such as Arctic Char, grayling, and salmon, have evolved to thrive in frigid waters.

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