7 Chemistry Investigatory Project Topics for Class 12

Study of Diffusion of Solids in Liquids

Explore how solids diffuse in liquids, understanding the factors influencing this process and its molecular implications.

Analysis of Fertilizer Composition

Investigate fertilizer components and their impact on soil fertility and crop productivity for insightful agricultural applications.

Sterilization of Water Using Bleaching Powder

Examine the effectiveness of bleaching powder in purifying water, exploring the chemical processes neutralizing microorganisms.

Preparation of a Smoke Bomb

Understand the chemistry behind smoke bomb creation, exploring its components and the chemical reactions involved.

Aldol Condensation

Dive into organic chemistry with aldol condensation, synthesizing compounds from aldehydes and ketones to understand product formation.

Study of Constituents of an Alloy

Explore metals' compositions and unique properties in alloys, defining their structural and mechanical characteristics.

Preparation of Toilet Soaps

Discover soap-making's chemistry, exploring saponification processes and creating soaps with varying properties.

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