7 Bizarre Jobs That Actually Pay

Professional Sleepers

Hired to test beds for comfort, these individuals must be quick and easy sleepers.

Iceberg Mover

In Newfoundland, Canada, ice pilots and tugboat operators shift icebergs away from oil rigs and shipping lanes for safety.

Professional Mourner

Some cultures hire mourners for funerals, especially when there are few attendees to grieve.

Professional Queuer

Standing in lines on behalf of clients, these professionals save time in ticket lines, product releases, and event registrations.

Passenger Pusher (Oshiya)

Japanese station attendants push and shove passengers onto overcrowded trains during rush hours to ensure doors can close.

Pet Food Tasters

Testing pet food for taste and texture, these experts ensure it's palatable to pets, requiring knowledge of pet nutrition and behavior.

Snake Venom Collector

Collecting snake venom for research and medical treatments, vital for developing snakebite treatments and more.

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