7 Affordable International Master's Programs in Finance

Global Recognition with ACCA Program at University of South Wales

Prepare for diverse finance roles with the ACCA program at an affordable cost.

Fast-Track Your Career with EdX's Finance MicroMaster Program

Accelerate your finance journey with MITx collaboration, offering a quick master's degree.

Versatile Skills with Glasgow Caledonian University's ACCA Advanced Program

Equip yourself with adaptable accountancy skills across industries in a 3-year program.

ESG Investing Insights at Middlesex University's Focus on ESG Online Academy

Explore the significance of ESG investing for both corporations and investors affordably.

Fintech Exploration at Middlesex University's Focus on Fintech Online Academy

Delve into key trends, challenges, and opportunities in the financial technology sector economically.

Master ETF Mechanics with Middlesex University's Focus on Exchange Traded Funds

Gain expertise in ETF mechanics, applications, and risks in financial markets in a month.

Quantitative Finance Focus at Tor Vergata University's Finance and Banking Program

Study quantitative finance methods for financial market analysis at an annual cost of 222,845 INR.

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