How to Prepare Mental Ability for Punjab Patwari 2021 Exam?

How to Prepare Mental Ability for Punjab Patwari 2021 Exam?

The Punjab Patwari 2021 exam is scheduled to be held on 8th August 2021 for 1152 vacancies for the posts of Irrigation Booking Clerk (Patwari), Ziledaar,and Canal Patwari.

The syllabus of the Punjab Patwari exam includes the topics of General Knowledge/ Awareness of India and Punjab, Mental Ability, Quantitative Ability, Language (English and Punjabi), Computers/ Information Technology, Agriculture, and Punjab History and Culture. This article includes the preparation tips for the Mental Ability section of the Punjab Patwari 2021 exam which holds a weightage of 15 marks.

Mental Ability Syllabus for Punjab Patwari 2021 exam:

  • Problems on Logical thinking
  • Alphanumeric Series
  • Coding & Decoding problems
  • Letter & Number Series
  • Blood relation puzzles
  • Odd Man Out problems
  • Analogy problems
  • Common Sense Test
  • Problems on Alphabetical Arrangement of Words
  • Date and Calendar problems
  • Sense of Direction problems
  • Ranking and Sitting arrangements


The preparation tips for certain important topics of the Mental Ability syllabus of the Punjab Patwari 2021 exam are discussed below:


  • In the topic, the seriesis either pattern-based or are randomly put up.
  • For pattern-based questions, the main focus of the candidates should be to analyze the pattern of the series. Once they crack the pattern behind the question, they can solve the question easily.
  • For series that are randomly put up, the candidates need to analyze what the question is asking for and check the series concerning that to answer the question directly.

Mental Ability Questions for Punjab Patwari- Alphanumeric Series


 Find the missing element in the series:



  1. TUV
  2. STW
  3. TUX
  4. STU

Answer: (3) TUX


First term- A B C D E F (BCF)

Second term- G H I J K L (HIL)

Third term- M N O P Q R (NOR)

So, the fourth term will be- S T U V W X Y Z (TUX)


For this section, the candidates need to observe and analyze the pattern (decode the coding) given in the question carefully and then use the identified pattern for solving the questions. They can also use the elimination technique to eliminate the options that are not relevant to the pattern identified. This helps them solve the questions in less time.

Mental Ability Questions for Punjab Patwari- Coding-Decoding


If ‘MENTAL’ is written as ‘455213’, how will ‘ABILITY’ be written as?


  1. 1293927
  2. 1291292025
  3. 1291922
  4. 1292905

Answer: (1) 1293927


The letter numbers of the alphabets are:M- 13, E- 5, N- 14, T- 20, A- 1, L- 12

In the given pattern, ,M- 4 (1+3), E- 5 (5), N- 5 (1+4), T- 2 (2+0), A- 1 (1), L- 3 (1+2)

Using this pattern,A- 1, B- 2, I- 9, L- 1+2= 3, I- 9, T- 2+0= 2, Y- 2+5= 7

So, ABILITY would be 1293927

  • For such coding questions the most effective strategy is to be familiar with common codes and conversions. Once you are efficient in this, you’ll be able to see the patterns and changes in the advanced questions. Also, keep attempting coding questions regularly to be sharp.


For questions related to blood relation puzzles, making a pictorial representation of the question simplifying the puzzle will make it easier for the candidates to solve them. Moreover, these questions need a lot of practice.


Mental Ability Questions for Punjab Patwari- Blood Relation Puzzles


            Question:Ajay told Ram, “The boy I met at the park was the brother of the daughter of my father’s sister”. How is Akash related to the boy?


  1. Brother
  2. Cousin
  3. Uncle
  4. Nephew


Answer: (2) Cousin

Solution:The statement reveals that the boy that Ajay met has a sister who is the daughter of Ajay’s aunt (father’s sister). Hence, the boy is the son of his aunt, which means, the boy is Ajay’s cousin.

  • Tip: In such questions, always be attentive to the different meanings implied by the word ‘who’.Try to rephrase long statements in the question into simpler and shorter sentences and underscore the information in them. For instance, ‘The number of persons who are born after Q is same as the number of persons born before L’, you can rephrase it as ‘The number of persons who are born after Q and before L is equal.’

Seating Arrangement Tips

  • In seating arranegemnt questions, if Z is fourth to the left of Q who is third to the right of Y, it means Z sits fourth to the left of Q and Q sits third to the right of Y. It DOES NOT MEAN Z sits fourth to the left of Q and Z also sits third to the right of Y.
  • Particularly in Puzzles, Seating Arrangement and Direction questions, the Problem Statement/Passage puts down all the necessary information albeit in a complex manner. Therefore, try to rephrase the statements into simpler sentences without altering the meaning.

Mental Ability Questions for Punjab Patwari

Given below are some practice questions for the mental ability section of the Punjab Patwari exam. Along with solving the given questions, the candidates also need to solve the mock test for Punjab patwari while preparing for the exam.


Question 1:Find the missing term:3 A 3; 6 D 7; ___ ; 72 V 21



  1. 20 G 13
  2. 18 G 13
  3. 18 G 12
  4. None of the Above


Question 2:If CAT= 25, GET= 33, DOG= 27, Then, AWE is?


  1. 29
  2. 30
  3. 28
  4. None of the Above


Punjab Patwari 2021 exam Mental Ability section: Key Preparation Tips

  • The first step for starting the preparation of any subject is gathering the relevant study materials which cover the maximum portion of the syllabus. To prepare for the mental ability section of the exam, the candidates can refer to books like Mental Ability by A Balaraju, or Verbal & Non- Verbal Reasoning by Dr R. S. Aggarwal. The candidates can also take the advantage of various educational websites which provide study materials for free or for a minimal amount.


  • The candidates need to learn how to manage their time while solving the questions from this section as it generally takes time. They can solve the questions related to this section easily and quickly if they are aware of certain shortcuts related to the various topics, and by regular practice. The study materials provide the shortcut methods as well as a lot of practice questions for the students to get better in this section.


All the Best!

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