Taliban: The government said - will soon make a big announcement regarding the education of girls

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Employment News- The Taliban government of Afghanistan has once again said that it is not against the education of girls. The Taliban said that soon the government will make a big announcement regarding the education of girls. They will be allowed to go to school.

Request for help from international group for education
However, along with this, the Taliban has also urged the international community for help for education. Most outside aid has been withheld since the Taliban took over Afghanistan.

Since the occupation of Afghanistan in August, the Taliban have been grappling with several sensitive issues, including recognition of the government with international bodies. There is also an issue in the education of the girl child. The radical Islamic organization has allowed boys to go to school in September. But girls are not allowed yet. There was also a global condemnation of the Taliban for this. Now the Taliban has once again said that it will allow girls to go to school soon.

Wahidullah Hashimi, External Program Director, Ministry of Education, said on the education of the girl child that our ulema (religious scholars) are working on it, and soon inshallah we will announce it to the world. She said the Taliban is committed to educating girls and is working on ways to get them back to school. Hashimi said that no female teacher has been retrenched from the schools. This is a positive message that we are working in this direction.

the impact of stopping help
Hashimi said that we are not working on removing the school or the university. Education has been badly affected by the sudden withdrawal of foreign aid to the country after the fall of the West-backed government. He said that we had appealed for help. Hashimi told international bodies that if they want to see girls in school, they should help us now. He said that we want to educate our boys and girls, women and men, and we will educate.

working on new curriculum
Hashimi said the ministry is working on a new curriculum for schools to bring them in line with the principles of Islam, local culture and international standards. He said that changes will be made according to the standards in all science subjects. Ministry officials are working closely with international agencies. He reacted positively to what he saw. However, he added that the curriculum would not be made under international pressure but would be designed to be acceptable to the Taliban leadership and scholars.

difference between words and deeds
There has been a difference between the words and deeds of the Taliban from the beginning. In August, the Taliban made many promises after the occupation of Afghanistan. One of them was the education of girls. However, he has not yet fulfilled his promise. The effective ban on educating girls mirrors the decisions taken by the previous Taliban government in 1996-2001.

When employment was closed for women and girls were not allowed to go to school. At the same time, the Taliban's claim remains in doubt in many countries including the United States to Russia. There has been a demand from these countries that the Taliban fulfill the promises.
Taliban imposes ban on foreign exchange in Afghanistan
The Taliban on Tuesday announced a complete ban on the use of foreign currency in Afghanistan. This is one such move by the Taliban in Afghanistan, which can put the country's economy in further trouble.

The economic situation in the country and national interests require that all Afghans use Afghan currency in all their trade, the group said in a statement shared with reporters by one of its spokespersons. The use of the US dollar is widespread in the markets of Afghanistan, while the currency of neighboring countries such as Pakistan is used for trade in the border areas. The Taliban government is pressing for the release of billions of dollars in central bank reserves. The violence-hit country is facing many crises including lack of cash, starvation.

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