Under the local history in the new education policy, school children will know the history of the district

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Employment News- School children will know the history of the district in the new education policy,

Under the local history in the new education policy, school children will know the history of the districtWill do case study on Gopal Mandir to Gambhari Devi
Children who complete the assignment will get one number for each subject
Sanskrit will start from the third grade, the examination will be held in the fifth class
Samvad News Agency
Bilaspur. The new education policy will prove to be very effective to connect school children with their history, their culture. In the earlier education policy, where children were made to focus on the syllabus, so that they could give three hours of paper well, now in the new education policy, children will be made aware of social values. Under the new education policy, students of classes IX to XII will be given a case study on the history and special personalities of the district. At the same time, the child who completes this assignment will get 1 mark in each subject.
Dr. Suresh Soni, Chairman, Himachal Pradesh Education Board said that the new National Education Policy will make the coming tomorrow very golden. It will not only make the child self-reliant, but will also make him cultured, sensitive and social. This policy is divided into four stages, Foundation Perpetually, Middle and Secondary being its four points. Said that the department has prepared models on all other points including the foundation. Said that the most important thing in the new education policy is that children will be linked with local history. Under this, children will do case studies on the big personalities of the concerned district, historical places. At the same time, he said that no child of today's generation knows the famous folk singer Gambhari Devi, but when the local history starts, children will also read Gambhari Devi.

Soni said that Sanskrit is the identity of our country, but with the passage of time, children's interest in Sanskrit is decreasing, but now under the new education policy, Sanskrit subject will be introduced to children from class III to V. There will be only one book for all the three classes. At the same time, this subject will not be evaluated in the third and fourth grade, but it will be evaluated in the fifth grade. So that the child is associated with Sanskrit and understands its importance.

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