Trend of youth in higher education increased in Chhattisgarh, increasing enrollment

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Employment News-The interest of the youth towards higher education is increasing continuously in the state. According to the All India Survey of Higher Education (AISHE) report 2020 released recently by the Ministry of Education, Chhattisgarh has seen an increase of nearly 60 percent in the number of PhD students in the last five years.

In the year 2016, where 690 people were doing PhD, now in 2020 their number has reached 1,515. However, due to the guidelines issued by the University Grants Commission regarding MPhil, the trend has reduced. Now youth after doing post graduate (PG) start doing PhD directly. At the same time, the number of youth enrolling in undergraduate (UG) is also increasing continuously.

Here so many colleges per lakh population

There are 26 colleges per lakh population in the state. The state's Gross Enrollment Ratio (GER) is 18.5 percent, while the country's GER is 27.1. So far, the reason for the low enrollment level is believed to be less number of colleges in rural areas. In order to increase the level of admission, the state government has now abolished the upper age limit of 25 for graduate and 27 for postgraduate in higher education. Now anyone can take admission in any faculty.

Number of colleges per lakh population

state college

Chhattisgarh 26 Colleges

Bihar 28 College

Madhya Pradesh 27 Colleges

Maharashtra 34 College

Uttar Pradesh 31 Colleges

Year PhD MPhil PG UG

2020 1,515 198 70,581 4,15,381
2019 1,474 344 68,447 4,06,296

2018 1,165 299 64,176 3,84,523

2017 1,266 277 57,091 3,60,235

2016 690 355 56,680 3,36,565

A look at the state's colleges and universities

1 Central University

4 Institutes of National Importance

13 State University

1 State Open University

9 private universities

There are 810 private and government colleges

807 colleges are active

838 Total No. of Colleges-University

26 colleges for 1 lakh population

557 students enroll per college

4.50 lakh registered students studying in the state

Engineering and pharmacy colleges

Subject - College - Seats

Engineering - 35 - 11291

B-Pharmacy - 42 - 3191 (D Pharmacy - 2771)

National level institutes in the state

Institute - Seat

IIT - 185

IIT - 180

NIT - 1197

States with lowest Gross Enrollment Rate in the country

Chhattisgarh 18.5

Assam 17.3

Bihar 14.5

Dadra and Nagar Haveli 9.4

Ladakh 7.9

Lakshadweep 7.5

Daman and Diu 6.1

rising pressure

In the last years, the state government has increased the number of colleges and universities. Due to this the level of admission is increasing continuously.

- Bhuvnesh Yadav, Special Secretary, Higher Education

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