There will no longer be any compromise with the quality of teacher education institutions

Employment News

Employment News-There will be no compromise on the quality of Teacher Education Institutions (TEIs). All the institutions will have to meet the standards set by the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE). Along with this, every year now complete information related to the performance of the institute and infrastructure etc. will have to be provided. In this, full details of the faculty teaching in the institute will have to be given in an affidavit. It is believed that on the basis of all this information, the decision will be taken to allow them to run the courses in the new academic session or not.

The special thing is that a detailed format has been prepared by NCTE for evaluation of teacher education institutions, in which all the institutions will have to give all the information online. However, all this will have to be given in the affidavit. That is, action can also be taken against them for giving wrong information. Not only this, institutions will also have to submit their annual financial accounts. In which the details of salary etc. will also be there. This is important because it is often seen that at the time of taking recognition to start these courses, institutes give all the information, but later they do not pay attention to meeting the set standards. This affects the quality of teacher education.

According to the NCTE, though the rules for submitting Annual Performance Appraisal Reports (PARs) to teacher education institutions were implemented from 2018-19, most private institutions, except government institutions, had moved the court against the decision. Due to this the process was stalled. Now it will be necessary for all the institutes to submit the performance appraisal report. NCTE has asked to provide the details of this year's performance by January 29, 2022. It is to be known that in the new National Education Policy, emphasis has been laid on improving the quality of teacher education. Along with this, it has also been recommended to test the institutions on the set standards.

Geo-tagging of teacher education institutions will be done

According to NCTE, all teacher education institutions will also have geo-tagging. Necessary instructions have been given to all the institutions for this. Along with the performance appraisal report, information has also been sought from everyone. It will also be necessary to provide photos and videos of the institute's building, lab, library etc. along with the report. Documents of approval taken for the courses conducted will also have to be given. According to the officials associated with NCTE, if there is any doubt about the documents of any institution, its third party survey will also be done.

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