There will be a corner of happiness in the class, children will say 'Mann Ki Baat'

Employment News

Employment News-Government and private schools in the state have opened from August. Students have also started coming to school regularly. Due to Corona staying at home for more than one and a half years, the effect on the mental health of the children is also visible. Teachers and counselors in the schools noticed that the behavior of the children had become aggressive. They want to isolate themselves. To overcome this, a plan has been made to organize many activities related to mental health on behalf of the School Education Department. For this, a cabin like corner will be made in the school, which will be named as the corner of happiness. Here children can talk freely with the counselor. However, only about 30 percent of government schools in the state have counselors. There are 350 counselors appointed in Bhopal division. In schools that do not have counsellors, teachers of sociology or psychology will appoint children's counselors. If there is no teacher of this subject, teachers of other subjects can also do this work.

The school management has also been empowered to call private counsellors. The Council® will be held on Saturdays only. In this regard, the State Education Center has issued orders to the District Education Officers to organize activities in schools for mental and emotional health. If the counselors are to be believed, when the school opens, parents are reaching a large number of children for counselling. Before Kovid, four to five cases were of children in a month. Now 10 to 15 cases are coming up. Many types of activities will be organized to overcome this behavior of children, making posters in schools, writing slogans and talking about their experience during the circumstances of Kovid-19 or getting experience writing done, organizing story sessions, through street plays Various activities will be organized for the students to remove negativity, organize Children's Parliament, discuss mental health with the students. Along with this, there is an expression of self ® consciousness through various art pictures, dialogues, music, poetry, stories, cartoons etc.

 Many activities will be done in schools to get rid of bad memories of Corona, in which children along with their parents will also be involved. Through this, children as well as their parents can be removed from the bad memories of Corona. Version These days, such cases related to change in the behavior of school children are continuously coming to the fore. Talking about a month, 10 to 15 such cases have come. The behavior of children is clearly visible from the start of school. They are suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. It is necessary to bring the children out of it, otherwise the difficulties will increase for them as they get older. Aditi Saxena, Psychologist - Children should stay at home for one and a half years due to Kovid. This has affected his mental health. For this reason, many activities will be organized in the schools, so that they can be taken out of adversity. Dhanaraju S, Director, State Education Center

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