Participation of parents will increase in the new education policy, Bihar education department has started preparations

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Employment News-Now the participation of the parents of the children will also be ensured while making the plans of education. The advice of parents will also be considered in the interest of children, so that the participation of teachers as well as parents can be ensured in the qualitative development of school education. This provision is in the new National Education Policy, on which the Ministry of Education has given instructions to the state government to implement.

Education Department engaged in implementing the new National Education Policy

The Education Department has asked to ensure the participation of parents in the educational activities organized in the schools from now on. However, in the recently released Annual Status of Education Report, it has also been expressed that the participation of parents in the education of children should be kept in mind while making education plans. Discussion with parents is essential to understand how they can help their children. The report has expressed the need to prepare government schools and teachers in view of the opening of schools after 18 months of closure due to Corona and the increase in enrollment in two years.
91.9 percent children have books

The good thing that has come out in the report is that 91.9 percent of the children enrolled in the schools have the text-books of the current class available. The number of children with the current class textbook has increased in government and private schools compared to last year (2020). According to the report, 38 percent of the children enrolled in government schools do not get help in studies at home. There are fewer children enrolled in private schools who are unable to get help in studies at home. The percentage of such children in private schools is 23.9.

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