The government is emphasizing on improving the education of the state, made this plan

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Employment News-Three schools of Palamu district have been included in the selected 80 schools of excellence in the state of Jharkhand. In this, Palamu Zilla School Plus Two Uvi, KG Girls Plus Two Uvi and Chainpur Kasturba Gandhi Residential School have been selected for making the school of excellence. Regarding this, one day training has been given to the school management committees by organizing camps in the local Government KG Girls Plus Two High School and Kasturba Gandhi Residential School, Chainpur.

In this, the strategy for the rejuvenation of the school was decided. Excellent school related information given. It was an open discussion among the people. The members of the Management Committee were discussed through video to make them aware of their work responsibilities and their responsibility. The members of the Management Committee visited the school in the subgroup and were told how to prepare the plan. Special emphasis has been laid on changing the nature of schools.

Emphasis was laid on observing the library, laboratory, adequate water resources, gardening, school building, display material every month in the school. The school management committees agreed to work on a strategy in every area of ​​the school. Emphasis was laid on making the playing fields effective. The training was organized by Sini Tata Trust. In the training camp, District APO Ashok Rajak suggested the participants to do better work by focusing on each and every aspect of the school.

The principals of the schools expected the help of the committee. Palamu DEO Upendra Narayan said that the overall development of these three schools would be kept in focus. This will enable all round development of the students studying here.

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