The education department paid the officers without taking the examination

Employment News

Employment News-In Noida, adjacent to Delhi, the matter of payment to the centers has come to the fore even before the completion of the TET examination. Its report has also been sought by the examination regulatory authority. The department had received Rs 24 lakh for conducting TET at 28 centers in the district, half of the budget was paid by the department before the completion of the examination, but the examination was canceled due to paper leak. According to the education department, UP TET will now be held again on 23 January. With this payment, duty will be made from other officers including the room inspector.

In the examination to be held at 28 centers, 22407 candidates were to appear, out of which 12852 candidates were to appear in the first shift and 9555 candidates were to appear in the second shift. 24 lakh rupees were also given to the district for the examination and at the time when question papers and other examination materials were delivered to the centers, at the same time the department also paid the personnel but the examination did not take place. Its report has now been sought from the DIOS by the Office of the Examination Regulatory Authority. According to sources, the examination can be conducted on January 23 with this payment. However, there are no guidelines for this yet. In this regard, District School Inspector Dr. Dharamveer Singh said that during the examination, payment was made in the accounts of some centers. A complete payment report has been prepared. On the orders of the government, this payment will be spent in the examination to be held on January 23.

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