Teachers will agitate against education department

Employment News

Employment News-The Sadar Block Unit of Bihar Panchayat Nagar Elementary Teachers Association has taken a phased agitation against the Education Department. Decision: Necessary meeting was organized in the courtyard of Shiv Mandir Madhepura under the chairmanship of Inderjit Kumar Indu, the block president of Bihar Panchayat Nagar Elementary Teachers Association parent block unit Madhepura Sadar.

In which the union's state advisor cum district president Randhir Kumar said that the teachers employed in the district are being deliberately harassed by the Education Department, Madhepura. Many times warnings have been given through letters, but the situation remains the same. In the Education Department, by removing the office worker who is doing the work related to payment of salary, making the favorite office worker, economic, exploitation and exploitation is being done in the entire district.

 Harassing and harassing teachers has become the destiny of the Education Department, Madhepura. Indifferent and arbitrary attitude of the Education Department, payment of arrears of trained teachers, payment of maternity leave, payment of untrained teachers, several months in the establishment office A phased movement will be launched against the Education Department on many issues including the non-fixation of revised pay of the service book kept from him.

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