Submit the bureau of movable and immovable property by February 15, otherwise the salary will stop

Employment News

Employment News-Instructions have been issued to the officers and employees of Education Department of Sitamarhi district to give information about their movable and immovable property before February 15. At the same time, the salary of the officer who does not follow the above order till the month of February of the year 2022 will be withheld till further orders.

The list of officers and personnel of Group A, B and C has been sought by the department along with CD in the format by January 5. At the same time, the list has been sought till the entry in the software by January 10. The department has asked for full details by February 15, otherwise the salary of the concerned DDU will be stopped for the month of February.

The said letter of intent has been issued by Sanjay Kumar, Additional Chief Secretary, Education Department. The Additional Chief Secretary has said in his letter that the details of movable and immovable property have to be given in the prescribed format only. There will be no change in this, the details have to be given in Excel directly. Name, address and designation are to be written in clear words.

If there are any teachers, they have to write the name of the school, college. It has been said in the issued letter that it will be necessary to mention any one of GPF, CPF and PRAN. The name of the home district must be played, it has been made mandatory to enter the complete details from the computer. Every page of Bhiwani should bear the signature of the officer.

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