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Employment News-Data feeding is being done to send sweater, shoe-stocking and uniform money
colony. The work of data feeding of children in the council school has started becoming a hindrance in their studies. The reason is that the teachers of the schools have become busy in getting the data feeding of the students studying here.

 Although BSA had issued a letter in the past, directing that the work of data feeding of DBT will be done by BRC, but even after this, all the teachers have been entrusted with the responsibility.

In fact, the government has decided to send the money of uniforms, sweaters and shoes and socks to the children studying in the council schools in the account of their parents. For which the account and Aadhaar information of the parents of the children is being fed on the portal through DBT (Direct Benefit Transfer). There are 2206 council schools in the district. In which 1437 primary, 320 junior and 319 composite schools are running.

In which about 1.80 lakh children are registered. So far, dress, shoe-stocking, sweater, school bag are given free of cost to these children by the government. But this time like the conversion cost of MDM, the dress money is also to be sent directly to the account of the parents of the children through DBT.

Under this, children's data is being filled on the DBT app to send the money of sweaters, school bags, uniforms and shoe-stockings to the account of Rs 1056 in this session. Due to which the whole day of the teachers is passing in it.

There is a separate technical problem. In such a situation, even after the opening of the school, the children are not able to study and write. Some parents are facing the problem of not linking their Aadhaar with the bank account, while some are getting a difference in the letters of the name in the Aadhaar and the bank account. Due to which their details are not being uploaded on the DBT app yet.

Bal Krishna Ojha, the minister of Uttar Pradesh Primary Teachers Association, says that teachers do not have computers. Due to which teachers have to upload the details of students from mobile to DBT app. At the same time, the problem of network and server always remains. Entire day is being spent in uploading the data of teachers. Due to which the education of the children is getting hampered. In order to complete the work of DBT, teachers are not able to give homework to the children these days, many parents are calling the teachers and complaining about the homework.

The uploading work of parents' account and Aadhaar information on the portal is almost complete. The work of data feeding of some children is pending, for which teachers have also been asked to cooperate. At the same time, efforts are being made to solve the problem of parents whose bank account is being linked with Aadhaar.
Ramesh Mishra

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