Students were made aware about mental illnesses

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Employment News-A two day camp was organized under Mental Health Awareness Week at Government Drummond Inter College. Pallavi Saxena, Psychotherapist of the Mental Health Program of the District Hospital, made children aware about the prevention of mental diseases.

Pallavi said that the life of students is full of ups and downs. Sometimes it gets stressful. how to defend. Students were asked to share their problems with their families. This will not cause stress. Regarding National Mental Health Program, it was informed that OPD is conducted every Monday, Wednesday and Friday in Room No. 87 of District Hospital. You can get free advice and treatment if you are mentally disturbed. The children were advised to stay healthy by Ali Khan waiting for the adolescent health program in the camp. About nutritious food. The disadvantages of fast food were discussed in detail. World Mental Health Day will be observed on 10 October.

Major symptoms of mental illness-
Do not sleep at night
Talking too much or not speaking at all.
Repeating or forgetting what you said over and over again.
Frequently closing and opening the door or checking the key repeatedly.
Being very angry or crying for no reason, becoming irritable etc.
If any student is facing any problem due to any reason and there is mental stress, then first of all tell your parents. If still the solution is not found, then you can show it in the OPD of the district hospital.
Pallavi Saxena, Psychotherapist

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