Students got information about new education policy

Employment News-One day workshop on New National Education Policy was organized at Shri Guru Nanak Mahila Mahavidyalaya. Where the Principal of the college Dr. Vimalkant Saini, Secretary of the Managing Executive, Jaspreet Singh Ahuja were present. On this occasion, a detailed discussion was organized regarding the implementation of the guidelines of the new National Education Policy set by the Higher Education Department, Government of Madhya Pradesh. Dr. Dhruv Dixit, Dr. Rachna Ayachi were present as keynote speakers in the workshop. The speakers told about the purpose of the workshop and the implementation of the new education policy. Speakers said that in the new education policy, special care has been taken to make the students self-employed.

In the education system, emphasis is now being laid on making the youth skilled by developing skills. Due to which the student will no longer be solely based on getting a job after getting the degree. He can also start his work by using his skill.

Principal Dr. Saini said that this policy has been made completely by focusing on the students. Which should be widely publicized. It is necessary that all the students and their parents should also be aware of this. The resource person and keynote speaker of the workshop, Dr. Dhruv Dixit and Dr. Rachna Ayachi gave detailed information about the main points of national education policy such as main subjects, secondary subjects, optional and vocational subjects and skill enhancement topics through power point presentation. . All the professors and officers of the college were present on this occasion. It is the endeavor of the college that such events will be organized for the purpose of giving information to the students in future also. So that the students can better understand the new education policy.

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