State small schools will be strengthened under National Education Policy

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Employment News-Under the National Education Policy (NEP)-2020, small schools in Bihar will be identified. This identification will be done in all 38 districts. Small school shall mean primarily those schools in which the enrollment of children is low. Along with this, in the matter of infrastructure, classrooms etc., the poor schools will also be identified.

The face of such schools will be changed under NEP. Two days back, the Education Department had organized a state-level workshop to develop an understanding about the implementation of the National Education Policy. At the end of this one-day brainstorming, one of the many tasks assigned to all the Regional Education Deputy Directors (RDDEs) and all the District Education Officers (DEOs) is to identify small schools.

After identifying such schools, the team of DEO will talk to the people around and also try to know why there is less enrollment of children here. Other schools in the neighborhood will also be inspected. District Education Officers have been given the most important responsibility to set up a program management unit to take the NEP off the ground.

This unit is to be made up to the state, district and block level. The DEOs have been asked to constitute PMUs at least at the district level in November. It has also been recommended to include NGOs and civil society in the Program Management Unit to be set up to implement the Central Education Policy.

In the light of this, all the DEOs have been instructed to develop a cooperative mindset by communicating with such voluntary organizations and social organizations working in their respective districts. They will have to ensure the cooperation of the civil society at all costs. Along with this, the DEO will also inspect the better school campuses and there will be an initiative to make the remaining schools like them.

Information sought about innovation of districts
The successful innovation of one district of Bihar in taking the new education policy on the ground is all set to be implemented in another district. The District Education Officers have been asked to inform the Bihar Education Project Council about such successful innovations of their district which can become an example for other districts as well.

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