School Education Board: Re-appear examinations of D.Ed will be held from October 11

Employment News

Employment News-Himachal Pradesh Board of School Education President Dr. Suresh Kumar Soni said that the supplementary examinations of the re-appeared candidates of DElEd Part-1 and Part-2 will be conducted in the examination centers established in the respective district educational and training institutions. DElEd Part-1 (Batch 2019-21) exam will be held from 11th October to 25th October and DLEd Part-2 (Batch 2018-20) exam will be held from 11th October to 23rd October. DElEd Part-I on October 11, Teaching of English Language, 12 on Under Standing the Psychology of Children, 13 on Education in Contemporary Indian Society, 14 on Education Society and Curriculum, 16 on Pedagogy Across the Curriculum, 18 on Work Education, 19 Teaching of Hindi language, 21 on Teaching of Mathematics, 22 on Teaching of Environmental Studies, 23 on Children Physical and Emotional Health, School Health and Education-1 and 25 on Creative Drama, Fine Arts and Education-1.

In DElEd Part-2, on 11 October, Understanding the Learning and Coginton of Children, 12 on Teacher Identity, School Culture and Leadership, 13 on Diversity, Gender and Inclusive Education, 14 on Hindi Education, 16 on English Education, 18 on Mathematics Education, The examination will be held for Science Education on 19, Social Science Education on 21, Children Physical and Emotional Health on 22, School Health and Education-11 and Creative Drama, Fine Arts and Education-11 on 23.

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