Principal adopted 22 children for education

Employment News

Employment News-Children's day festival was celebrated on Thursday in Shri Sudishta Baba Inter College Sudishtapuri Raniganj of the area. The principal of the college, Dr. Ashok Pandey adopted 22 students who were facing financial difficulties in their studies due to financially weak or any other reason.

The Principal distributed bags, notebooks, books, pens, geometry boxes, dresses to 14 adopted high school and intermediate students and eight students at his own expense. Ashok Pandey said that we have taken up the responsibility of teaching 22 adopted students. This campaign will continue in the future as well. Along with distributing the reading material, the fees of some students will also be deposited on my behalf. The adopted students will bear the full cost of their studies till they study in this school. During this there were Shivji Singh, Manali, Ritesh Kumar, Kajal Verma, Virendra Yadav, Krishna Mohan Tiwari, Santosh Pandey, Santosh Gupta, Alok Kumar Singh, Pawan Singh etc.

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