Preparation for implementing new education policy

Employment NEws

Employment News-Preparations have started for implementing the new education policy in secondary schools. For this, the Ministry of Education has appointed District Level Coordinator ie DLC. 21 principals of CBSE schools of the state have been selected in this. The Principal of Modern Era Public School in the district has been entrusted with the responsibility of DLC.

The new education policy has been implemented in degree colleges from the current academic session 2021-22. Now the new education policy is ready to be implemented in secondary schools. To effectively implement the new education policy in the district, Seema Biswas, Principal of Modern Era Public School, Bijnor, has been appointed as the District Coordinator. There are 120 CBSE schools, 10 ICSE schools, 387 secondary schools in UP board in the district. In the first phase, work will be done to find out the educational and intellectual level of students in colleges, the level of qualification of teachers. For this 217 schools will be selected. There will be an examination of the students of the schools, after which the schools will be selected. District Coordinator Seema Biswas said that it would also be ascertained what are the shortcomings in the implementation of the new education policy in schools. What is the difference between new education policy and current education policy. For the implementation, first the examination of the students of class three, five, eight and ten will be held.

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