Practical examination of nursing girl students in the circle of questions, private colleges got it done in the room

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Employment News-Many questions arose regarding the practical examination of nursing students held on Saturday. The reason is that there is no practical examination of nursing students in the ward. The surprising thing is that even the external did not reach the ward to take the examination of the girl students who reached here. Not only this, some girl students gave physical practical examination on the patient's bed, while the oral examination was done in their college itself. However, the Nursing College Management of GR Medical College says that all our students got their practical examination at the patient's bed. However, the center of some outside private nursing college students was lying at JAH.

It is noteworthy that the practical examination of the second year students of JNM was held on Saturday. In which the practical examination of nursing girl students of private nursing colleges was conducted. But instead of the bed site of the private college students, the practical examination was completed in the room. Some students also reached the pediatric ward and surgery pediatric ward of Kamalaraja Hospital, but the faculty did not reach there to take the examination. Because of this the whole exam came under question. While the students of Government Nursing College gave practical examination at the patient's bed, their oral examination was conducted in the college. Dr Amit Niranjan, spokesperson of GR Medical College, said that he was not aware of the practical examination. Because he was out of town for some time. They will be able to tell about this only after discussing with the concerned.


The practical examination of nursing students was taken on the patient's bed itself. Faculty had also reached the ward. The oral examination would have to be uploaded on the website, that was also done. The documents which were there were definitely taken from the girl students in the college. The centers of other private nursing colleges were also lying in JAH, there is no information about them, where and how they got the examination conducted.

Vimal Prasad, Principal Nursing College GR Medical College

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