Out of 5130 private schools in the state, only 16166 schools have sent information

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Employment News- The School Education Department had instructed the private schools of CBSE and MP Board to make the details of fees online by September 3, but so far only 16166 schools have sent information out of 51230 private schools in the state. At the same time, 834 schools out of 2615 in Bhopal have given information about fees. The department had asked to give details of three years, schools did not give details of one year. This order was asked by the Supreme Court to give details to the private schools of the state, but did not give details of even one year.

The District Level Committee is not taking any action in the matter. The Supreme Court had directed private schools to submit the details of their fee items to the District Education Officer by September 3. The details were to be uploaded on the website of the Education Department. On the basis of which parents could complain to the district committee within a period of one month if there was any discrepancy in fees, but in giving information about fees, only 31 percent schools in the district have given information. What information is there in this, neither the parents are able to see nor the committee that took the complaint is known.

Private schools will have to tell for which items they are charging fees.

The Supreme Court had said that the schools will have to tell for which items they are charging fees. This information will have to be taken from the schools to the District Education Officer. After this, the Government of the School Education Department will have to upload this information on its website in two weeks. Along with this, it has also been said in its order that if any parent has any complaint with the school, then he can lodge his complaint with the district committee.


There are other officers including the Collector in the committee. Some schools have given information, but some have not. Information is being collected from schools. Parents can complain to the collector regarding the fees. Nitin Saxena, District Education Officer

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