Only half of the schools around the world have resumed studies by calling classes

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Employment News-19 months after school closures worldwide due to the COVID-19 pandemic, only half of schools have resumed classroom teaching, while nearly 34 percent of schools continue to study through mixed learning, both in-class and online. are dependent. This information has been received from the Kovid-19 Global Education Recovery Tracker.

The tracker was jointly created by Johns Hopkins University, the World Bank and UNICEF to help countries make decisions by tracking their efforts to reopen schools and plan for post-COVID-19 recovery in more than 200 countries. Has gone.

 80 percent schools conduct regular sessions
As per the data ascertained, 80 per cent of the schools across the world are conducting regular sessions. Of them, 54 per cent have returned to individual learning, 34 per cent are dependent on blended learning, 10 per cent are offering distance education and two per cent are not studying at all.

53 percent of the country gives priority to teachers who have been vaccinated
The tracker noted that only 53 percent of countries are prioritizing vaccinated teachers, while the World Bank recommends that countries fully vaccinate their population or school staff before reopening schools. Shouldn't wait.
Priority to teachers for vaccination
A report by the World Bank's education team said, "To promote the restoration of education, where possible, teachers should be given priority to immunization but also recognize that even without vaccination through adequate protection measures There are ways to safely reopen schools."

Schools closed until all employees are vaccinated
It said, “Noting that schools reopening around the world have effectively prevented infection in schools with easy and relatively cost-effective infection control strategies such as masks, ventilation and physical distancing, and noting that In most countries, widespread immunization is not possible in the coming months and therefore closing schools until all staff is vaccinated will not provide any benefit in reducing infection, but for children it is Could possibly prove costly.

The World Bank has been advocating for the reopening of schools and evaluating the risks associated with prolonged school closures around the world.

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