Now there will be a new method of marking in BA-B.Com and B.Sc

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Employment News-New Education Policy Indore. From the session 2021-22, the Higher Education Department has implemented the new education policy in the undergraduate course. BA, B.Com and B.Sc first year students will now be evaluated using the new marking method. After Diwali, the department will issue a new guideline regarding marking. Based on that the marking of the paper of 80 major-minor subjects will be determined.

Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya (DEVIV) is eagerly waiting for the guideline, because they have to make the software related to the result according to the new method. According to the officials, the major subjects can be 60-75 and the minor subjects can be up to 50 marks. Even there will be 7-8 questions. Their format will also be decided in the guideline.

three types of marking

Students taking admission in UG course will have to teach about 10 subjects in a year, in which five main, three major and two minor have to be selected. On the basis of that there will be three types of marking. According to sources, there will be separate marking in the main exam and assignment. Even the marking of each subject will also be fixed, which will have 50-75 marks paper. Based on the guideline, the university will have to prepare its own marking method. The target is to complete this work by January.

Topics to be chosen in December

First year students have to choose major-minor subject. For this, the department will open the link by December. Each student has to indicate his favorite subject. On the basis of that the examination of the students will be conducted. Later the colleges will have to send the data of their students to the university.

Questions will be optional and subjective

According to the new education policy, there will not be much change in the question papers. As before, there will still be optional and subjective questions in the question paper. Only their number can be increased or decreased. The situation regarding this will be clear when the guidelines come. Optional questions may be more in B.Sc and B.Com.

Software tender in November

The software related to Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya result is twenty years old. There is a problem updating software with COBOL language. This is the reason why the university is going to make its software according to the new education policy. Tender for this will be floated in November-December. The specialty of the software is that the students opting for Major-Minor (Vocational) subject will be issued separate results. Along with this, the ratio of passed and failed and supplementary students will be easily worked out, in which information about the students of first-second category will be there.

Guidelines will come in ten days

DAVV Controller of Examinations Dr. Ashesh Tiwari says that the marking of UG courses will be done by the new method. The situation will be clear after the guidelines come. The department will issue guidelines in the next ten days. After that the university administration will make a draft regarding marking. Along with this the result software will also be prepared.

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