Now the principal will be responsible for student violence in schools and colleges

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Employment News-Taking strong cognizance of the cases of student violence in Himachal Pradesh's schools and colleges, the Directorate of Higher Education has issued warning letters to the principals. In future, principals will be held responsible for clashes between students in schools and colleges. The directorate has given instructions to create an atmosphere of peace and discipline in educational institutions. Disciplinary committees have also been asked to take cooperation from PTA and SMC. A letter has been issued by the Director of Higher Education Dr. Amarjeet Kumar Sharma to the District Deputy Directors including school and college principals on Monday.

It has been clarified in this that if the violent activities continue like this, then action will be taken against the principals. He said that due to increasing cases of fights in educational institutions, the academic environment is getting spoiled. The action taken on these cases is also not being informed in the Directorate. The Director of Education said that the disciplinary committees need to be more vigilant. Strict action should be taken against the students who indulge in violent activities. Students found involved in such cases should also be counselled.

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