Now children will be able to buy the uniform of their choice

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Employment News-Parents of children studying in basic schools can now buy uniforms, sweaters, shoes, socks and bags themselves. Now the uniform money will not be given to the schools and will be transferred directly to the account of the parents. Its entire plan has been made at the government level. Bank details of parents of children are being sought from all the schools in the district.

1503 schools are being run by the Basic Education Department in the district. These include 571 upper primary schools and 932 primary schools. Where two lakh children are taking education. Schools were open in the academic session 2021-22 due to the Corona epidemic, but children were not being called to school. Children have started coming to school from September 1. Therefore, till now the purchase or distribution of clothes etc. has not been done. A lot of questions were raised regarding the quality and the non-delivery of the dress on time. But the government is going to implement a new system. In which parents of children will be able to buy school bags including favorite dress and shoes Moju. Under the new system, a child will get Rs 1056. This includes Rs 600 for uniform, Rs 200 for sweater, Rs 135 for shoes, Rs 21 for socks and Rs 100 for school bag. This money will be sent to the accounts of children or their families through Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT). The process of uploading the data of the children who are registered in the school on the Prerna App of the Basic Education Department has been started. For this, the BSA office has started the process of collecting data from schools.

The department took the decision to eliminate the delay in delivery
According to the Basic Education Department, till now all these things were centralized procurement. After this, their distribution was done mandal, district and then block wise. Meaning it was a long process to get the material to the school. Due to this, there was a delay in reaching the uniforms, shoes and socks to the children. To eliminate this delay, the department has decided to send money directly to the accounts of the children. So that parents can buy uniform sweaters, shoes and socks soon.
questions on quality
Questions were also raised on the quality of uniforms and dress-shoes many times in the district. Now children and their families can buy as per their wish. This will not cause any objection to the department. Families will be able to buy their desired uniform and dress and shoes and socks.
Now uniforms and shoe stockings will not be given to the children by the department. For this, the amount will be given directly into the account of the guardian of the child. Preparations have been started for this. The bank details of the parents of the children are being collected. - Chandrakesh Singh, BSA

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