New national curriculum will be made, information related to the country, social problem, focus will be on skill development

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Employment News-The Union Education Ministry will prepare a new and comprehensive national curriculum for school education by the end of this year. In this, emphasis will be given on information related to India, scientific temper among children and skill development of 21st century etc. In this particular social problems will be mentioned. Anita Karwal, Secretary, School Education and Literacy, Central Government gave this information in a program organized on Startup India Innovation Week on Tuesday.

A committee under the leadership of eminent scientist Dr. K. Kasturirangan is discussing
Karwal said that we are in the process of developing a new National Curriculum Framework. A committee under the leadership of eminent scientist Dr. K. Kasturirangan is deliberating on this subject. It is expected that by the end of this year, we will have a new and comprehensive national curriculum framework for school education. He said that under this, attention will be given to the development of scientific thinking in children from childhood itself. The focus will be on developing computational thinking in children.

But this does not mean that the emphasis will be only on mathematical knowledge, but on the development of reasoning ability. It will include aspects related to fundamental duties and rights, along with giving importance to the elements of understanding of civic qualities in children. Under this, the Central Board of Secondary Education first linked artificial intelligence with skill education in 2019 and included it in teaching.

Artificial intelligence should be used to solve social problems and problems. The Education Ministry had last year constituted a 12-member National Steering Committee under the chairmanship of senior scientist K Kasturirangan. The committee was entrusted with the responsibility of preparing a new outline of the curriculum from school to higher education.

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