New education policy will be implemented in Bihar from next year, now admission will be done from nursery

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Employment News-Under the Right to Education, 25 percent enrollment will now be applicable from the pre-primary class itself. Now parents will be able to enroll their child in nursery, LKG under 25% reservation. That is, now the Right to Education Act will be applicable to children from three years to 18 years.

Till now the Right to Education Act used to cover children in the age group of six to 14 years but now it has been increased from three to 18 years. Till now, under the Right to Education Act, 25 per cent reservation was enrolled in class I at the age of six. But now enrollment will be done in Nursery and LKG only.

For this, preparations have been started at the district education office level. A list of all private schools is being prepared. It is to be known that under the Right to Education Act, 25 percent seats are reserved for poor children in every private school. Till now it was applicable for class one, but now under the new education policy, 25 percent seats in nursery will be reserved for poor children, not from class one. In such a situation, a list of private schools is being prepared by every district education office.

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