Need to improve financial, examination and infrastructure in higher education

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Employment News-The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) at MCM DAV College, Sector-36 conducted online expert lectures on Governance Reforms, Leadership and Institutional Management. The Vice Chancellor of Rayat Bahra University, Mohali, Prof. Parvinder Singh was the keynote speaker.

Pro. Singh said that it is necessary to assess the shortcomings in the major areas of higher education. He highlighted financial problems, academic and examination reforms, infrastructure improvement, research, internationalization etc as challenges in higher education. The program suggested governance and leadership reforms such as faculty empowerment strategies, community participation, inclusion. Along with this, it is necessary to have strong redressal system, environmental awareness, gender equality and sensitivity, seamless integration with virtual platforms to ensure institutional stability and address student grievances.

More than 1000 participants registered for the lecture
More than 1000 participants from different parts of the country registered for the lecture. Promotion of research to promote institutional excellence, academic-industry interface, skill development strategic planning, community service, project based learning, digitisation, enhancement of skill oriented potential of employees, women empowerment programmes, scholarship schemes, training and placement etc. Emphasis was given to focus on

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