Many professors found missing in surprise inspection in MLB College

Employment News-After several months, the classes of the colleges of the state have started again from September 15. The Higher Education Department has ordered to organize regular classes. Even after this, the professor is taking leave instead of going to college and teaching the students. Meanwhile, the Additional Director of Bhopal Hoshangabad Division conducted a surprise inspection in MLB College, in which many professors of the college were found absent. About 45 professors were missing in this. Even the locks of five departments were not opened.

Even a week has not passed since the colleges of the state were opened and professors have started disappearing from the colleges. The government is giving them a salary of one lakh to two lakh rupees, even after that they are not ready to teach the students in the classes. Additional Director of Bhopal Hoshangabad Division conducted a surprise inspection of MLB College. In this, only 10 professors were present in the college attendance register. The remaining 45 professors could not make their presence felt due to missing from the college. Now the additional directors will prepare a report against the above professors and send it to the government. After this, the government will call for a reply from the said professor and the college principal by giving notice. At the same time, five departments of MLB College have been found dead during the inspection.

Not a single professor was present in Music, Dance, Urdu, Sanskrit and Mathematics. The entire academic staff was absent here.

Let us inform that the State Government has directed all the officers and leading college principals of the department to conduct surprise inspections to see the admission process and study arrangements of classes. Present the report against the absent professors, after which action will be taken against the professors at the government level.

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