Malnutrition of children will be removed in MTC center, education of mothers will increase

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Employment News-Malnutrition of children will be removed in MTC center, education of mothers will increase. This arrangement will be seen in Ghatshila Sub-Divisional Hospital in East Singhbhum district. The children admitted to the malnutrition treatment center here will not only be treated, apart from this, the mother of the children will also be made literate along with them. Children are kept in Malnutrition Treatment Center for 14 days to a month. where children are treated. The mothers of the children also stay with them in the center. So that small children do not feel alone. Mothers just sit empty during treatment. All the responsibility of taking care of the children is done by the doctors and nurses of the Malnutrition Treatment Center. In such a situation, Ghatshila Sub-Division Hospital, taking a unique initiative, started a campaign to make the mother of the children literate in the malnutrition treatment center itself. Under this, mothers who are not literate at all.

They will be given light literate knowledge during the time period of the treatment of the children. At least they should be taught to sign. So that he can sign himself instead of putting his thumb anywhere. To make your children literate in future also can keep a thought towards it. This unique campaign was started from Sunday. For this, the mothers were given slate boards. in which they could acquire alphabetic knowledge. MLA Ramdas Soren and Civil Surgeon Dr AK Lal inaugurated it. Subdivision Hospital has started this initiative and shown a new direction. Subdivision Hospital is making a unique effort in increasing the literacy rate of the country. -------------------------------------------- This is a new effort that malnutrition Mothers of children should be made literate in the treatment centre.

This thinking of Subdivision Hospital is really commendable. This will help in raising the level of education. When you become educated, you will also become health conscious. If a woman is educated, the whole family will be educated. It is our endeavor that women should take a pledge to educate their children by becoming aware of education. Dr AK Lal, Civil Surgeon, East Singhbhum.

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