Keep the Corona kit along with the books in the children's school bag, the counselor gave these suggestions

Employment News-The risk of corona infection has reduced, so after 18 months the doors of the educational institution have also opened. Along with this, now NCC and NSS camps have also been set up. There is a great need to take care of children in such times. Although the number of corona patients has come down, people have started taking carelessness. The guide line of mask and physical distance is not being followed. In such a situation, the counselors suggest that the parents should not take any kind of carelessness regarding the children, they must keep the books in their school bags as well as the Kareena kit.

Counselor Yashi Jain said that the children have not directly faced the threat of the Korena epidemic. Most of the children have not come out of the house during the Corona period, so now that everything has been unlocked, the responsibility of the parents has also increased. While sending children to school, coaching or college, they must also keep a corona rescue kit in their bag. Having the experience of training children and youth for a long time, I believe that children and youth have become careless after the start of the activity. Most have now forgotten to follow the safe physical distance. Wearing a mask is the biggest problem. For this reason, I advise all the parents to take the school going children, that they must keep the Karena kit in the child's bag.

Include this in the kit: The corona kit box to be kept in the school bag of the children must have hand sanitizer, two masks. Many times we send the child only after wearing a mask. If that mask is lost, then it should not be a problem, so two masks should be kept. Also it is necessary to have a small napkin. After hand washing, don't wipe his hands with his clothes or the curtains lying in the school.

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