Jhunjhunu: Initiative of Education Department officials, Guruji will now come in Nawalgarh in dress!

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Employment News-When children come to school in dress, why can't the employees and teachers of the Education Department come wearing clothes?

With this thought, Ashok Sharma, the CBEO of the Education Department in Nawalgarh, Jhunjhunu, took a unique initiative in the new year and implemented the dress code in the CBEO office. Now the entire staff is seen in uniform colored coat-pants. Now a different view is being seen in the office.

All the staff, including the CBEO, are seen wearing uniform colored coat-pants. Earlier, the CBEO has got the office painted with golden color inspired by the Golden City campaign. After this, innovation has been done by implementing the dress code from the new year.

CBEO Ashok Sharma said that children come to school wearing school dress. So thought that when children come wearing school clothes, then why can't the staff of the school or the staff of the education department associated with them come wearing a uniform color dress? To make this innovation successful, he decided to start it from his office. He told this innovation to his colleagues, after which all the employees agreed about it. After this it was decided that when the office opens in the new year, all the employees will be seen in coat-pants. What was then, all the employees selected a color and all the employees bought a colored cloth and got a new coat-pants ready and all the employees appeared in the office in a new dress in the new year.

ACBEO Jaisingh Kulhari and Mahendra Saini said that they are very happy with the implementation of the new dress. If influenced by our office, the school staff implements the dress code, then they will be very happy.

Now preparing to implement dress code for school staff
CBEO Ashok Sharma said that innovation has been done first in the office. Very happy on the first day that all the employees of CBEO office are seen in same color dress. Now it is desired that the staff of government schools should also come under the dress code. When children come to school in a uniform color dress. If the school staff also comes in the same color dress, then the discipline of the school will improve and the children will also be more disciplined. He appeals to the institution heads of all government schools to implement the dress code for the staff in their respective schools.

Beautification of office done by spending 80 thousand rupees
First of all, beautification of the CBEO office was done by spending 80 thousand rupees. Golden color was done under the Golden City campaign of the office premises. This amount was collected by all the employees among themselves, the cooperation of Bhamashahs is also being taken to give a new look to the campus. CCTV cameras have also been installed in the office with the help of Bhamashah.

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