Jharkhand Education Minister difficulties increased, after anticipatory bail, again a new case of embezzlement

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Employment News-Jagarnath Mahto Education Minister of Jharkhand Jagarnath Mahto's troubles are not taking the name of ending. He is already facing a case of embezzlement of 27 lakhs. Now another case of embezzlement of 2.29 crores has been registered in Dhanbad court.

Jagran Correspondent, Dhanbad. Jharkhand Commerce Inter College Dumri principal Deg Lal Ram has filed a second case of embezzlement of 2.29 crores against five including Education Minister Jagarnath Mahto. Earlier in the year 2017, Dag Lal had filed a case against the minister alleging embezzlement of Rs 27 lakh. Apart from Education Minister Phoolchand Ram Mahto (Former Headmaster Azad Hind High School, Gomo), Rameshwar Prasad Yadav (Former Lecturer Geography Department- Jharkhand Commerce Inter College, Dumri), Pratap Kumar Yadav (Lecturer History Department- Jharkhand Commerce Inter College, Dumri) And Ravindra Kumar Singh (Former Manager Bank of India, Branch Isri Bazar, Giridih) has been booked. Advocate Radheshyam Goswami told that the case has been filed in the drop box of the court. A hearing on this will take place on October 1.

Degalal Ram complained

In fact, Dag Lal Ram of Nimiyaghat has alleged embezzlement of two crore 29 lakh 63 thousand 21 rupees 94 paise in the complaint filed in the MP-MLA court of Dhanbad. Advocate Radheshyam Goswami and Nachiketa Goswami informed that Deg Lal Ram is the principal of Jharkhand Commerce Inter College, Dumri since September 9, 2004. In 2007, a petition was filed in the Jharkhand High Court to continue in the post permanently. The High Court had ordered him to continue as the principal till further orders. In the light of the order, he filed a title suit in the Munsif court of Giridih. The court had ordered the bank manager that the bank account would be operated with the joint cooperation of Dag Lal. The order was known to the accused.

Despite the conspiracy, on February 3, 2012, an account was opened in the name of Jharkhand Commerce Inter College, Dumri in Bank of India located at Isri Bazar and embezzled the amount received from the state government in the college fund. According to Dag Lal, when the accused were interrogated, they were threatened with death.

Case of embezzlement of 27 lakhs is pending against the minister

On February 9, 2017, Dag Lal filed a complaint against the president of the college, Jagarnath Mahto, Phoolchand Mahto, Rameshwar Prasad Yadav, Ravindra Kumar Singh, Pratap Kumar Yadav, Motilal Mahto, Rajendra Mahato, alleging embezzlement of Rs 27 lakhs from the college. Had it done On September 22, the Jharkhand High Court had granted anticipatory bail to Jagarnath on the condition of depositing Rs 27 lakh.

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