Jamtara identity will be cyber crime not education hub

Employment news

Employment News-Wherever I go, people ask me for my address after my name. But, as soon as I am from Jamtara, the person in front immediately says, not a good cyber crime city. There is a big mistake. But, now we all have decided that together we will change this bad image in the eyes of the world. Jamtara, which is known for cyber crime in recent times, will now establish its identity as an education hub. This will be possible with collective efforts and with the right guidance of you teachers. This was stated by MLA Dr. Irfan Ansari at the Annual Teacher Award Ceremony at JBC Plus Two School in Jamtara on Monday.

The MLA said that it is not possible to imagine a better society without teachers. In such a situation, it is the duty of all of us to give due respect to retired teachers. During this, he also talked about upgrading the Pubia Training School and making a degree college. Said that the proposal and draft related to this have been prepared. Soon this scheme will be visible to the public. He appreciated the works of DC Faiz Ahmed Mumtaz and counted the library which has come into operation across the district as his contribution and achievement.

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