Initiative to advance digital education and career development programs in Bengal

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Employment News-Initiatives have been taken to advance digital education and career development programs in Bengal. Under this, the Government of Bengal and the country's leading education technology services supplier 'SchoolNet' announced their strategic partnership, which aims to advance digital education and career development programs across the state.

As part of this important initiative, the two will work together to implement personalized education solutions for students of government and government aided schools across the state. Through the official website of the state education department, Banglar Shiksha, students can access this online platform named Genio Ishekha, which is designed for students of classes V to X.

Educational material in Bengali language is made available on this portal. It is a regional language extension of India's leading personal education solution 'Ginio - SchoolNet'. It is designed to make education simple, smart and effective.

Gautam Maiti, Vice President, Schoolnet informed that the curriculum is based on learning, use, repeated reading and accurate assessment in the mother tongue medium to make it accessible to the students of West Bengal Council of Secondary Education (WBBSE). Through this, SchoolNet and the Government of West Bengal are working together to envision a system where students can move forward on their own, keeping pace with what is going on in the school.

Today the importance of self-learning method is being understood. In view of this, Genio Ishekha has been coordinated with the West Bengal Primary and Secondary Board syllabus. It is an interactive digital education platform that provides study material for Science, Maths and English for Class V to VIII students, and English, Mathematics, Physics, Life Science, History and Geography for Class IX and X students. went. In addition, the new West Bengal State Board textbooks will be presented in digital format, so that students can re-learn what they have learned in school.

Students can also take advantage of career paths on 'Banglar Shiksha'. Career Path is a unique solution to provide career guidance and counseling to the students of classes VIII to 11. Keeping in mind the provisions of the National Education Policy 2020, Career Path will provide professional academic and career counseling to all students. The facility of access to counselor to ensure physical, psychological and emotional well-being of the students will also be introduced.

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