Hundreds of children from 7 villages of Kaimur forced to risk their lives for studies

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Employment News-Hundreds of children and girls from 7 villages of Kaimur are risking their lives to get higher education. He goes to study at Rajkumar Inter College of Bhujna located in Chandauli, neighboring state of UP by boat. A bridge has also not been built on this river connecting the two states. Due to this, the villagers including the students here also suffer. This case is of Dhadhar Panchayat of Durgavati block.

Dhadhar Panchayat does not have a single high level school for higher education. Even if a school is established, education is done only till the eighth standard. The people of the panchayat told that the distance of the school for higher education in Durgavati area is about 15 km, where children are not able to reach.

For the last 50 years, students of about seven villages have to cross the Karmanasha river and go to Bhujna school, putting their lives at risk, via Kanhpur village located in Dhadhar. Government's ambitious plan canal pump is being constructed on this river, but the desire for the construction of the culvert is still incomplete.

The children demanded the construction of a high school and a bridge

Regarding the problem, 12th student Neetu Kumari, class X student Neha Kumari, Suhani Kumari, student Prince Yadav, Roshan Yadav told that there is not a single high level school in the panchayat. Due to this, one has to risk his life by crossing the river Karmanasha with the help of boat and go to study Uttar Pradesh. Before this, a major accident has also happened due to the boat capsizing a couple of times. So it's very scary. We demand from the government that the government should arrange for a high level school or build a culvert over the river. in order to reach the school safely.

Many times demand from the government

At the same time, the outgoing head of Dhadhar Panchayat Bhai Chandra Rawat told that there is only a primary school in the panchayat. That's why children go to UP to study. The issue has been raised several times with the government, but has not yet been implemented. There have also been accidents due to overturning of a boat full of children.

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