Higher educational institutions will now have to be involved in research work,  NRF will keep an eye

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Employment News-Higher educational institutions of the country will no longer be able to turn their backs on research work. It will be necessary for them to do research work in the coming days. The central government engaged in promoting research is now preparing a new infrastructure in the country for this. In this, both the subject and money will be provided to the higher educational institutions for research. It is said that the National Research Foundation (NRF) will keep an eye on it.

Large number but contribution...?

At present, there are about 40 thousand such higher educational institutions in the country, which contribute only one percent to the total research work done in the country. A large number of these are from such institutions, where not a single research work has been done for a long time and no research paper has been published.

Government wants to change the situation

The central government, engaged in promoting research, wants to change the current picture of this field. At present, the responsibility of this has been entrusted to the proposed National Research Foundation (NRF) to give new heights to research work, which will now speed it up in collaboration with higher educational institutions. According to the Ministry of Education, the entire structure of the formation of NRF has been prepared, soon it will start its work.

Financial help will be provided

At present, under the plan to connect all higher educational institutions with research, NRF will mobilize research topics keeping in view the need of common people and industries. Later, based on the capacity of the institutions, they will be given the responsibility of this work. During this time he will also provide necessary financial help to the institutes for research.

Higher educational institutions will also benefit

According to the agencies involved in taking the NRF forward rapidly, higher educational institutions will also get a big benefit from the research work. Because in the top higher educational institutions all over the world, the place is known, where the performance of research work is better. In such a situation, a large number of Indian higher educational institutions will also be able to make a place in the top institutions of the world.

Student migration will stop

Along with this, the exodus of Indian students going to other countries of the world for higher education will also stop. This will also strengthen the economy of the country. It is worth noting that at present there are about 50 thousand higher educational institutions in the country, out of which about one thousand universities and 45 thousand colleges are included.

The target of spending fifty thousand crores on research in five years

The central government, which is engaged in promoting research, has announced to spend fifty thousand crores on research alone in the next five years and the formation of NRF. NRF will provide a joint platform for research in the country. Along with this, he will keep an eye on all the research happening in the country. Will check their quality. Will give money too. It will also ensure that the research is completed on time and meets the expectations. Right now the research infrastructure in the country is completely scattered. Currently conducting research activities of his choice.

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