Higher education schedule is disturbed due to delay in admission, student union elections are also difficult

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Employment News-Due to late admission, the schedule of the calendar fixed by the Higher Education Department has been disturbed. Because of this, it is also difficult to hold student union elections. Last year elections could not be held due to Corona. Till October, admissions have been done in UG-PG only. Due to the increase in the rounds of counseling, nothing has happened according to the schedule fixed by the Higher Education Department so far. However, the officials of the department claim that this time the examinations will be conducted on time.

The elections were to be held in the month of October as per the fixed calendar.

According to the fixed calendar, this time the student union elections were to be held in October. But, as of now, no program has been decided for this. It is worth mentioning that the colleges of the state were elected through CR. But this time due to the by-election, it could not be done in October.

Due to the formal studies of the students to start in November, as the admissions have been done till last month, hence these elections are not held. It is worth noting that this year the colleges also did not open on time. Along with this, the internal assessment of the quarterly examination is also to be done in the last week of November. The main thing is that till now this exam has not been conducted in most of the colleges.

Annual examinations will be held from April 1 to May 21. Annual examinations will be held from April 1 to May 21. The result will have to be declared by June 30. 144 days of academic work have been fixed in this session. The missed course will be completed by conducting remedial and extra classes.

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