Five member team interviewed for 10 posts

Employment News

Employment News-For ten posts in Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya, a five-member team in GIC conducted interviews of applicants. 74 people have applied for three posts of literature, modern and neologism of Sanskrit Vidyalaya Konch.

Similarly, in Ved Vyas Sanskrit Vidyalaya Kalpi, 66 applications have been received for three posts of Navayakaran, Modern and Literature. 60 applications have been received for three posts in Akhandanand Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya Gadha Itaura. Five people have applied for one post in Adarsh ​​Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya Orai. A five-member team has interviewed for this.

The team consists of five members including DIOS Bhagwat Patel, Kalpi SDM Kaushal Kishore, Nodal Officer Vinay Kumar. The DIOS said that the interview will also be held on October 12. Apart from Sanskrit knowledge, all the applicants were asked questions about their intellectual level and social knowledge.

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