Education of daughters will decide the betterment of society

Employment News

Employment News-Education of girls is essential for the betterment of the society. It is also the responsibility of the daughters to become aware and move forward in the field of education. The education of daughters ensures the betterment of two households. In such a situation, parents should not discriminate in any way regarding the education of the girl child. These things were said by Secretary Gayatri in an awareness seminar organized at Jan Vikas Kendra Bhitridih office on Saturday.

He advised them to hold community meetings in their respective villages. Educate women and daughters about the importance of education and motivate them to get education. He said that all efforts are being made by the government to advance the girls in the field of education. Girls should be aware and take advantage of this. Along with education, he advised the champion to inculcate the habit of reading books, writing stories, drawing pictures etc. Manju, Priyanka, Pooja, Zahida, Sajia and Aradhana from different villages including Kurcha, Bewana, Bhitaridih and Samokhpur participated in the seminar.

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