Education Department became restless due to the effects of online studies

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Employment News-The education department has become restless due to the adverse effect of online studies in Shahjahanpur during the Corona period. The State Council of Educational Research and Education has also expressed concern. After the study done at various levels and the opinion of experts, a guide line has been issued by the Board of Secondary Education. Increasing interest in online games in children Online games have been suggested as a way to diagnose physical, mental effects. District School Inspector Shokeen Singh Yadav has issued guidelines related to the guidelines to the principals of all the schools.

The main points of the guide line issued by the Board of Secondary Education

what not to do :

for teachers and parents

- Do not purchase online games without parental consent. Follow secure payment methods for in app purchases.
Avoid registering credit and debit cards on the app for subscription. Set a maximum spending limit for each transaction.

Do not allow children to purchase directly from laptops and mobiles for use for games and studies.

- Advise children not to download software or games from unknown websites.

Tell children not to click on links or pictures or pop-ups on the website.

They may contain viruses, which can harm the computer. There may also be age incompatible material.

- Advise children not to provide any personal information while downloading the game.

- Do not share your personal information during online games or in gaming profiles.

- Do not chat with strangers or adult people through webkags, private messaging or online chats.
Doing so runs the risk of falling into the company of the wrong people or learning the wrong words from other players.

- Advise them to avoid playing online games for a long time without taking a break.

do this

- Stop the game immediately if something seems wrong while studying and playing games online. Take the screenshot and inform the mother and father. File the report online as well.

Help children to maintain their privacy. Tell them to use a different name for each game instead of their real name in online games.

Use an antivirus spyware program to protect your web browser with Fireball.

- Activate parental controls and security measures on the device, voucher to prevent access to unwanted content.

- Let parents know if an unfamiliar person initiates some incorrect or inconsistent conversation, or asks to provide personal information

Be sure to check the age rating of the game being played online.

- Keep a record of incorrect messages and report it to the game site administrator immediately.

- Block, mute or unfriend such person from the player list, or turn off the game's chat function.

- Enjoy the game by sitting next to the kids. Assess how the child is using personal information.

- Help children understand that some features of online games lead to longer playtime and more money spending.

- Talk about online gambling, explain its side effects in physical form.

The child should use the Internet only through the computer under the supervision of everyone in the house.

pay attention to these things

- Sudden increase in online game play time on internet media.

Quickly change screen by children when they pass by.

- Withdrawal or angry after using the Internet or sending readable messages.

- Sudden addition of many new phone numbers or use of email IDs on the device.

Install an Internet gateway at home for monitoring, logging and controlling the content accessed by children.

In case of suspicious behavior of children, immediately inform the school administration.

Teachers should make children aware from time to time about the advantages and disadvantages of internet.

In view of the adverse effects of online studies and games, a guideline has been issued by the State Council of Educational Research and Training. All principals have been written for compliance. To protect the interests of the children, it is necessary to follow the guide line. Shaukeen Singh Yadav, District School Inspector

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